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Home Town Hospital Makes Good!

Congratulations to Carroll Hospital Center for being ranked #1 in Overall Hospital Care in the State of Maryland by CareChex¹! The most surprising aspect of the CareChex report to me was the high ranking of smaller, rural hospitals versus the larger, more “prestigious” ones.  For example, the top 3 hospitals in the report were Carroll Hospital Center in Westminster, MD; St....
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Four Lessons to Survive Healthcare

I had lunch today with my seventh grade English teacher – my favorite teacher of all time – an inspiration to me and the thousands of students he taught over the course of his 38-year career.  For the sake of anonymity, I call him “Mr. Lang” (not his real name). During the course of our lunch, Mr. Lang happened to...
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Healthcare is a Shared Responsibility

During an Employee Benefits Network presentation in Chicago, Delia Vetter, senior director of benefits for EMC Corp, commented that healthcare is a “shared responsibility” between the employee and employer. I couldn’t agree more. Historically, however, the weight of this responsibility has been borne far more by the employer than by employees. Of the various reasons for this disproportionate sharing of...
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