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Where’s the Value in Healthcare Analytics?

In the ongoing effort to reign-in healthcare costs, two of the hottest areas garnering attention are health risk scoring and predictive analytics – both of which, when properly utilized, are extremely effective in identifying existing and emerging risks and targeting appropriate interventions. Generally, there are two types of health risk scoring used today: Clinical and…


On A Path Toward Single-Payer

In a discussion, this week of potential “red flags” to an investment in UnitedHealth Group (parent company of UnitedHealthcare), The Motley Fool, a financial investment advisory firm, warned, “Health care reform continues a path toward a single-payer model that leaves insurance firms at a competitive disadvantage.” That’s an understatement. When the Patient Protection and Affordable…


Defined Contribution Healthplans

Interest in a defined contribution (DC) approach to employee benefits, especially health insurance, is growing.  Obviously, this is a strategy that forward-thinking employers will want to consider as these programs mature and outcomes data becomes available in the years to come. To help us understand what a DC approach might mean to health insurance, we…


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