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Where’s the Value in Healthcare Analytics?

In the ongoing effort to reign-in healthcare costs, two of the hottest areas garnering attention are health risk scoring and predictive analytics – both of which, when properly utilized, are extremely effective in identifying existing and emerging risks and targeting appropriate interventions. Generally, there are two types of health risk scoring used today: Clinical and financial. The first attempts to...
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Mediocrity is Profitable

Seth Godin’s blog post yesterday,”Lousy Tomatoes and the Rare Search for Wonder” really hit home with me.  In the staid but lucrative business of large company employee benefits consulting, I’ve often said, “Mediocrity is profitable”. Why is excellence so hard to find?  Because excellence is expensive. I’m convinced that most of our competitors believe it’s better to deliver just enough...
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Did You Get the MeMO?

The new paradigm for employers in healthcare cost management includes a refusal to abdicate responsibility to insurance companies and other vendors (think disease management, case management, wellness, health promotion, etc.). Employers need an independent assessment of health risks within their insured population and a partnership with a firm that will ensure that all healthplan members are getting the support they...
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Medical Management: A Question of Resource Allocation

How do health insurance carriers allocate their medical management resources?  And do they always have their clients’ best interests at heart? We tend to think of the benevolent aspects of medical management – caring nurses helping patients in distress find the best healthcare providers, effective treatments, answering their questions and relieving their fears.  But we would be naive if we...
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Lifestyle and Disease – The Connection

Many common diseases can be avoided or impacted by improvements in personal health.  In his book, The Culprit and the Cure, Stephen Aldana, PhD reports that a large percentage of chronic diseases are lifestyle-related and, he claims, largely avoidable: Stroke 70% Cancers 71% Heart Disease      82% Diabetes 91%
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