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Can We Afford “Blank Check” Healthcare?

In a health reform seminar my company sponsored recently, our keynote speaker, a renowned employee benefits attorney (and one of the few people who’ve actually read the 2,400+ pages of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), made a curious comment that gets to the disconnect between what people think should be covered by health insurance versus how healthcare is...
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Medical Management: A Question of Resource Allocation

How do health insurance carriers allocate their medical management resources?  And do they always have their clients’ best interests at heart? We tend to think of the benevolent aspects of medical management – caring nurses helping patients in distress find the best healthcare providers, effective treatments, answering their questions and relieving their fears.  But we would be naive if we...
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Lifestyle and Disease – The Connection

Many common diseases can be avoided or impacted by improvements in personal health.  In his book, The Culprit and the Cure, Stephen Aldana, PhD reports that a large percentage of chronic diseases are lifestyle-related and, he claims, largely avoidable: Stroke 70% Cancers 71% Heart Disease      82% Diabetes 91%
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The Business Case for Health

Health insurance rate increases aren’t the problem. They’re a symptom. Similarly, absenteeism, presenteeism and lost productivity are symptoms of the same underlying cause. The cause driving all of these expenses is, of course, illness – or, more broadly, deteriorating health within our nation’s workforce and the families enrolled in health insurance plans.
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Keep Your Health Insurance Affordable with Health Risk Identification

If you’re involved in your company’s health insurance plan, you simply can’t rely solely on your Carrier, Third-party Administrator (TPA) or Medical Management vendor to identify and support at-risk plan members. The fact is, most carriers, TPAs and even medical management firms often lack the initiative to engage in deep health risk management.  And it may not be for lack of interest – many of the...
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